jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Le viol doit rester légal (dixit l'islam du Pakistan)

On se demande alors pourquoi ils ont fait tant de pétard avec Dutroux. Ou ne voudraient-ils parler que de la "légalité" et "sacralité" du viols de non-musulmanes? Pourquoi tant de non-dits?

Muslims Insist Rape Stay Legal

Attempts to introduce civilization into Muslim Pakistan are not going well.

One of the little perks of being a Muslim is that rape is essentially legal. Under sharia law (which is now spreading in Britain), rape cannot be proven without the testimony of four male witnesses. Prosecuting rape in a Muslim society is virtually impossible; if anyone is punished, it will be the woman for complaining.

Musharraf's government recently attempted to replace sharia with civil penal code where rape and adultery are concerned, but is apparently backing down under pressure from Muslim leaders who have issued a fatwa against the change, which they denounce as "un-Islamic," "immoral," and worst of all, evidence of "Western values infiltrating society."

Although it is hardly immoral to treat women at least as well as you would treat a dog, the imams are correct on the other two counts.

Convicted of adultery in neighboring Iran
condamnée pour adultère en Iran

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